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Domenico Sanfilippo Editore - Catania

"Without Sicily, Italy would leave no image upon the heart."

For centuries Sicily, with its distinctive triangular shape, has been considered a crucible brimming with the languages, arts and traditions of a myriad different peoples, like a Tower of Babel set down in the middle of the Mediterranean. The best way to understand the changing face of Sicily through the ages is to rediscover the island’s deep historical and cultural roots.
It is surely no coincidence that Homer, the earliest voice in Western literature, dubbed Sicily, this offspring of the distant shores of Hellenic Hesperìa, rising up like a watershed in the midst of  Mare Nostrum, both Trinakìe or the island of the sun. And the sun burns down from the bright Sicilian sky, dancing over the glittering sea, on white limestone peaks and glowing lava, which is both harbinger of destruction and herald of renewal.
Ever since the founding of La Sicila newspaper in 1945, publishing fine, lavish, thought-provoking books has been the constant hallmark of Domenico Sanfilippo Editore’s commitment to retracing the different steps of Sicily’s history.
Remembering places and characters from the island’s near and distant past, and bringing their tales to life through writing of exceptional quality, is the main aim of the many series published by Domenico Sanfilippo Editore. Focusing on the island’s rich figurative culture – highlighting both the natural grace of landscapes and countryside as well as man’s own artistic contributions – is the best way to underline the very idea of Sicily’s cultural identity and its thousands of years of tradition.
This work is enhanced by the addition of a number of wide-ranging original contributions which stimulate reflection on the present and illuminate those aspects of the past that we believe worth remembering.
Alongside the more familiar aspects of Sicilian heritage and history, an exploration of the endless world of the minor arts offers a multitude of opportunities to uncover curiosities and make new discoveries. This long journey will focus renewed attention on the hidden details, on the most elusive nuances, revealing a host of works that are far from being culturally marginal. It is this same sense of curiosity that has prompted Domenico Sanfilippo Editore to rescue those works that seem increasingly forgotten, publishing lavish reprints of the lively records of diarists, memoir writers and travellers who, spurred by a genuine thirst for knowledge, have left us memorable descriptions of Sicily in their lively, vivid accounts that have endured as cornerstones of the island’s collective memory.

This is a land of fire and sea, of myths and Cyclops. A land, above all, that that has found the strength to endure centuries of hardship and changing fortunes in the imagination and determination of its people.



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